Friday, October 7, 2022
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What does Turkey gain by gifting a drone to Lithuania?

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Lithuania started a fundraising drive to buy the armed Bayraktar drone from Turkey and give it to Ukraine.

The requisite sum was obtained in a matter of days, but Turkey’s Baykar, the drone manufacturer, said that it would offer one of the drones to Lithuania in exchange for the money raised being sent to Ukraine as humanitarian help.

Baykar company’s approach was brilliant in multiple ways, the first of which was the promotion and advertisement of the Bayraktar drones, which have proven their worth in several wars throughout the world. The corporation and its drones have been discussed all over the world, from China and Japan to Europe and the United States.

They also hailed Turkey for standing behind Ukraine’s people in the face of Russian aggression.

Turkey rejected Sweden and Finland’s NATO membership before ending its backing for terrorist groups posing a security danger to Turkey.

As a result of this stance, Western countries have accused Ankara of impeding NATO expansion and serving Moscow. Turkey refuted these claims by providing a drone to Lithuania through the pro-government Baykar firm, demonstrating that it serves NATO better than most other members.

Certainly, Baykar delivering the drone to Lithuania with Ankara’s approval will dispel the false assertions made by Western media about Turkey’s position on Sweden and Finland joining NATO.


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