Friday, October 7, 2022
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Republicans who ignore the January 6 attack, according to former US Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, risk exacerbating inflation.

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According to former US Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, Republicans who overlook the January 6 attack risk worsening inflation.

Summers suggested that Republicans who downplayed the impact of January 6 risked exacerbating inflation.

“Why should you trust the country’s money if you can’t trust its government?” he remarked on CNN.

Inflation is caused by a mismatch between consumer demand and available food and fuel supplies.

Former US Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers suggested that Republicans who deny the attack’s gravity risk exacerbating inflation.

Democrats are leading an inquiry into the Jan. 6 uprising in the House Select Committee, which will have its second hearing on Monday.

The committee is aiming to prove that former President Donald Trump was a key figure in a coordinated effort to reverse the election results.

According to Insider’s Ben Winck, inflation in the United States has reached its highest level in over 40 years, with gas prices outpacing the Fed’s efforts to limit price growth.

Prices have risen as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic upsetting global supply systems, not because Republicans downplayed the US Capitol insurgency on Jan. 6.

The prolonged conflict in Ukraine has disrupted food and gasoline supply, resulting to price rises in the United States.

Summers emphasized that allowing the Federal Reserve to combat inflation without interference is critical, and he called for increased efforts to lower prescription drug costs and the federal budget deficit. The latter two are important concerns for Democrats looking to resurrect their party.


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