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Natalia Dyer on the Developing Toughness of Nancy in “Stranger Things”

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Description:In the course of four months, a great deal of change has occurred.

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Over the course of its first four seasons, Stranger Things has established itself as one of the most popular series in television history thanks to a string of groundbreaking achievements.

The critically acclaimed program also excels in other areas, such as character growth and evolution, with few characters benefiting as much as Nancy Wheeler has.

Nancy Wheeler, portrayed by Natalia Dyer, is first shown to be a timid young woman who is overly concerned with her social standing and Steve Harrington.

It would be dishonest to offer this as the sum total of who Nancy was at the time, as the character came with welcome nuance, but by the conclusion of Season 1 we see Nancy moving away from her shy demeanor and towards the gun-toting badass persona that is reinforced by the end of Season 4’s run.

The fascinating thing about Nancy’s development is that she maintains her reticent demeanor throughout, remaining true to the persona established at the show’s outset even as she adapts to the persona she must assume in order to survive.

When asked what was the biggest difference between the original character and the current one, Dyer told source:

Specifically, I am referring to the firearms, wardrobe, and hairstyle. That she has the intuition, gut, and instinct to do what she believes is best for her mind and her life is something I think is reflected in all of her facets and serves as a good unifying factor. It seems to me that she cared a lot more about how she looked, how well she did in school, how well she did professionally, and how well she did in the eyes of her small-town peers. She has always been ambitious, but I feel like her conception of what that means and can be has changed dramatically, and she has really kind of stepped into this wonderful, courageous, powerful new part of herself. Having fun, having a good time, playing around.


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