Friday, October 7, 2022
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Brittany Cartwright Opens Up About Her Breakup With Stassi Schroeder After She Didn’t Attend Her Wedding

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Brittany Cartwright Discusses Her Breakup With Stassi Schroeder After She Missed Her Wedding

According to Brittany Cartwright, former “Vanderpump Rules” stars Brittany Cartwright and Stassi Schroeder are currently going through a rough patch in their friendship.

The 33-year-old Bravo alum revealed on Sunday’s episode of the “Betches Moms” podcast that she and Stassi aren’t speaking because of some drama surrounding the latter’s wedding last month.

Stassi, 33, and her now-husband Beau Clark married for the second time in Rome, Italy, in early May.

Brittany and her husband Jax Taylor were invited but did not attend the wedding.

And, despite recent comments from Stassi in which she appeared to criticize the couple, Brittany stressed that she and Jax wanted to attend but were unable to do so due to a variety of factors beyond their control.

The reality star expressed her disappointment “It was “terrible” having to cancel at “the last minute,” and she expressed regret for “not being able to be there for someone who I truly consider to be one of my best friends.”

The mother of one went on to reiterate her remarks, saying that she hopes she and Stassi can work things out and that she wishes she could have attended her friend’s wedding.

Brittany appeared to become emotional as she finished her thoughts “I would never have even mentioned it, let alone at all. It’s just that it saddens me.


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