Monday, June 27, 2022
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A Major Nintendo Direct Could Arrive Soon

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A Big Nintendo Direct Could Be Coming Soon!

In years past, this would have been the week for Nintendo’s huge annual June Direct, but the Mario creator is nowhere to be seen in 2022.

According to a journalist at Sony Santa Monica, the corporation may still aim to end the month with a showcase of some sort.

The date was confirmed by VGC, which said that Pearce’s statements matched what the site had been told.

There had been rumors that an event might be hosted this week, but that conjecture was based on a leaked release date for a game that was instead announced at Summer Game Fest.

A request for comment from Nintendo was not returned.

The Nintendo Direct format established the framework for many of the pre-recorded showcases that gaming companies now display throughout the year, but particularly around E3 week.

With the exception of 2016, Nintendo has had a Direct presentation of some type every June, despite not holding a live news conference at the annual industry gathering in years.

While the Wii U version of Breath of the Wild was showcased extensively on the E3 exhibit floor as part of Tree House Live, there was no major demonstration for the Switch version.

Nintendo’s absence in June would be unprecedented, and while we do live in strange times, the business has a slew of significant new games on the way.


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