Friday, October 7, 2022
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A computer chip manufacturer in Dublin claims 30 caravans are squatting on its property.

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The inhabitants of up to 30 caravans have illegally trespassed on a computer chip maker’s Dublin plant and tampered with its fire safety system, according to a claim filed in the High Court.

The lawsuit was filed by Xilinx Ireland, a subsidiary of AMD, which employs 350 workers at its Logic Drive Citywest Business Campus in Saggart, Dublin 24.

The company manufactures semiconductors and software for a variety of industries, including medical, communications, automotive, broadcast, aerospace, and defense.

The company claims that on June 8th, between 25 and 30 caravans were towed onto its campus unlawfully and without permission by numerous cars.

The vehicles, it claims, are now parked on a college internal road, green space, and car parking lot.

The squatters, whose exact identities are unknown to the company, have no legal authority to be on the property, according to the firm.

One of the company’s key concerns is its fire protection system.

The occupants are said to have tampered with a water pump on the property that is an important part of the fire sprinkler system.

At the case of a fire in its office building, the system is activated.

The company believes that the residents have interfered with the water pump on many times in order to gain access to flowing water, which could have an adverse effect on the water pressure.

According to the firm, the suspected operations involving the water pump pose a major threat to campus fire safety.


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